The Society of Genealogists has many useful, informative and unique original records, like the Teachers’ Registrations which give details of nearly 100,000 people who taught in England and Wales between 1870 and 1948; more than half of those are women.

Although the registration only started in 1914, people who were already teaching registered. The records cover teachers who started their careers from the 1870s on.

The original registers comprise one main alphabetical series and a second, smaller, series of registrations of deceased registered teachers (often stamped with the date of "notification of death").

The records include the teacher’s name, maiden name if applicable, date of registration, register number, professional or home address, attainments (i.e. certificates, degrees etc), training in teaching and experience details.

The Origins Network has now scanned and indexed these records to making them available online the first time.

1919 example below for Mary Banks from South Shields.

aboutboteachersex1 thumb Teachers Registrations 1870 1948

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