The ‘Special’, ‘Document’ and ‘Topographical’ Collections are located on the lower library. In order to view a collection you will need to ask a volunteer or member of staff to retrieve the box/folder for you as in order to protect their often fragile and irreplaceable contents the collections are kept within the closed access area (below).

image thumb Finding the Society’s Treasures

Each collection is different from the next. Together they represent around 44,000 surnames. Most of the collections have been indexed and you can find the catalogue of these indexes on all floors of the library. More recent acquisitions have been microfiched and listed in the Genealogists Magazine

The Norris Collection (below) is typical of the contents you might find in the Document Collection of miscellaneous manuscript research notes. These include photographs, pedigrees, letters, settlements, contracts and various certificates.

image thumb1 Finding the Society’s Treasures

The Society host various lectures throughout the year to assist you with your own collection of family history documents. Click here to view our extensive lecture programme and remember to book early to avoid disappointment.

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