image thumb5 Personal Papers, Ration Books and Identity Cards Ration Books along with the National Identity cards are typical of the documents that can be found amongst our collections. Most Collections contain some kind of war memorabilia.

Owing to shortages during the war many items were rationed so that everyone could get their fair share. Before the war many of the everyday goods in British shops were imported. The outbreak of war and the dangers to ships from enemy U-boats meant that many goods were in short supply; even goods which were made in Britain were no longer available, as the factories stopped making them. This was because many of the raw materials had to be imported, and the men who worked in the factories were called up to serve in the military. In addition, many factories were converted to make items to help the war effort, such as ammunition, guns, aeroplanes, tanks and uniforms.

Everyone was issued with a food ration card and had to register to buy their food from specific shops. The shop was then issued with the relevant amount of food for the number of registered customers. However, as food was in short supply the shops often did not receive enough for all their customers. News that a delivery had arrived at the shop spread fast and long queues soon formed as everyone was keen to get their share before it was all sold.

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